What does ‘The Holocaust’ mean?

What does ‘THE Holocaust mean?

For those who unthinkingly assert “The Holocaust happened” without any question -what does that actually mean? Do they even know what they’re saying?
Let’s explore this dogmatic perception for a moment.

What does “Holocaust” mean?
Holos Kaustos (fm Greek)
Whole Burned

DehousingDid Jews burn whole? No, but most certainly millions of civilian Germans and other Europeans did, by the All-lies barbarous carpet bombing of civilians, but they’re not allowed to claim this applicable “TRADE-marked” title.

armenian-genocide-02-jpgDoes it refer to its first official use last century known as the ‘Armenian Holocaust’ – the slaughter of 1.5 million Christian Armenians by the Young Turks? Who was this group known as the ‘Young Turks’?
Were they even Turks?
The answer to this can be found through Jewish Bolshevism/Communism & their NKVD.

20th-century-hoax-holocaust-gas-chamberDoes “THE Holocaust” mean 6 million jews were purportedly gassed by Germans, who didn’t have the facilities, equipment or man-power to undertake the impossibility of the alleged gassings? An allegation that has never been proven, but rather scientific and forensic evidence has disproven and has only been fomented by the creators of repetitive imagery and slogans.

RedCrossRecordsShowHolocaustDeathTollFRAUDDoes that figure refer to the IRC records that differ by about 5.75 million, to be exact, all camps (which the IRC had regular access to abiding by the Geneva Convention) recorded a total of 271,301 deaths (predominantly by Typhus) of various races and religious denominations?
Jewish Population RecordsDoes it consider the actual increase of the approximate 15 million Jewish population over the same period, recorded in the Jewish World Almanac?

auschwitz-plaque-killed-comparisonDoes it take into account that it has “Officially” been revised from 8M, down to 6, then 4, then 2.5, then 1.5, then 1 million (displayed on the most recent memorial plaque at Auschwitz, formally 4M), or even later records of 700,000 – while we are still commanded to chant “6 million”?


Does it refer to the 60 million plus Russian Christians who were bestially slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews?
What about the 20million Chinese?
Or the Japanese and Italians?
The genocide of 100 million British Indians?
Does it refer to the Jewish Bolshevik imposition on Europes breadbasket Ukraine, starving 16 million Ukrainians over 3 decades of Holodomors (“Extermination by Hunger”)?
What about the millions of German civilians “whole burned” (Holo-Kausted) by allied carpet bombing of cities with phosphorus? (See How to Kill 25 Million German Civilians Legislatively) A war crime which killed more Germans in just one of the nights of bombing, than Jews died over nearly 6 years of war.
Or what about the 11 million German civilians expelled from their homes, enslaved and slaughtered in the 2 years of so-called “Peace Time” after 1945?
Or perhaps the Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians loaded onto cattle-cars by the Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish Partisans and shipped off to the Gulag Death-Camps, even before WWII started?

11796397_501708326642832_9108655417357208204_nWhat about the French who were “Liberated” by exactly the same carpet bombing as the Germans who were “Defeated”?
What of the 1.8 million Germans that were deliberately starved to death in Eisenhower’s ‘Death Camps’? (See here)
Or what of the approximate 5.5 – 6.5 million German civilians (men women & children) rounded up, expelled and sold off into slavery all over the world by the Allies, after the coined “Liberation” which circumvented any “Declaration of Peace.”?
[United States 144,000 slaves (US Occupation Zone of which 100,000 were held in France, 30,000 in Italy, 14,000 in Belgium). Great Britain 460,000 German slaves. The Soviet Union 4,000,000 – 5,000,000 slaves. France had 680,000 German slaves by August 1946. Yugoslavia 80,000, Belgium 48,000, Czechoslovakia 45,000, Luxembourg 4,000, Holland 1,300…. most were never to be seen again.
Source: International Red Cross].
This is in violation of the Geneva Convention. Article.75 – but some how, ‘War Criminals’ were enabled to sit at a Show Trial as Prosecution against their defeated victims… beyond any kind of ‘CONFLICT OF INTEREST” the world has ever been subjected to.

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Does it refer to the hundreds of thousands of emaciated people who starved due to the total destruction of Europe by Allies, disabling food growth or transport of supplies… or those civilian refugees who migrated to camps, but brought with them Epidemic Typhus (better-known as ‘Camp Fever’ or ‘War Fever’) infecting the already overrun and under-stocked camps, containing very weak people, spreading the killer war time disease? Confirmed by Allied Forensic records.
(See: herehereherehereherehere and here)

Hunger vs Gas

Does this “Holocaust” include the tens of thousands of Germans and others who were tortured & died in camps AFTER allied “Liberation/Occupation”?… if ever there was an oxymoron – Liberation by Occupation.

What is it that people are specifically saying when they state, THE Holocaust?
If it doesn’t refer to any of the above facts, why the hell not?
Why can’t we “Never Forget” these poor lost souls? And why don’t the survivors of these atrocities & their relatives receive life-long reparation pensions for themselves and their heirs?

12705172_570344586445872_1069300135609965218_nThere were approximately 2.4-3 million Jews in all of German “Occupied” Europe during WWII and only 210,000 Jews in Germany (confirmed by Jewish almanac population records and IRC records) in 1938.
After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for “Holocaust Survivor” reparation pensions. Sadly the other 6 million mysteriously vanished as quickly as they didn’t exist in the first place…. Today, 9 million plus are receiving ‘Survivor Pensions’ whether they were alive at the time or not, or whether they or their ancestors even lived in Europe or not.
All this from a world wide population that has remained around 15 million, before, during & after WWII – and up until today.
Some of the criteria to be eligible for the various ‘Holocaust Survivor’ payments for each category, are; subject to a curfew, resided in a nation that was subject to artillery fire, spent any time in a work camp, lived in an occupied zone, heir to a relative who was subject to any of these conditions etc. However, if you were (and are) an ethnic Russian, Ukrainian, Pole, German, Frenchman, Lithuanian, Estonian etc. and were subject to any of these conditions, you were (and are) NOT ELIGIBLE for ‘Holocaust Survivor’ payments… this economic privilege is reserved for Jews only.
It would seem that mathematics is not their fortè, but counting shekels? No problem.

10299131_579254008888263_9096411247074978924_nIn a supposed civilised world where we’re allowed to openly question and discuss, politics, religion, ALL OTHER HISTORIES and even the existence of god, why is it that we’re not allowed to question the ‘Official’ narrative of the colloquially known ‘Holocaust’ – even though factual ‘Official’ records contradict that narrative, including Jewish records? It is against the law to disagree with the ‘Official’ narrative in 16 countries in Europe, or even simply voice an opinion. The so-called ‘Offensive’ crime is called “Holocaust Denial” (but in reality, is thought control) and thousands of people have been thrown in jail for simply inquiring or prompting a discussion on the topic..


I ask you, what Truth needs the full force of oppressive legislation to protect it? Wouldn’t “Truth” stand alone as evidence in itself? By no means should any “Truth” fear investigation, but legislations have been enacted to ban just that.

Why is there legislations that have been given the power to violate the rights of every independent freedom of investigation, expression and freedom of speech that exists?

How long must the ‘Collective Punishment’ of the German people continue?
How long are the German people (who weren’t alive at the time) expected to pay billions for the existence of Jews, who weren’t alive at the time either?

30billion to Israel each yearHow long will the German people be forced to fund the illegal occupying state of Israel (confirmed by 100’s of UN Resolutions), who is plunging the region into chaos, genociding Palestinians and forcing millions of refugees into Europe (40% of which who have been allocated to Germany) with the help of their long time war All-lies from WWII, which we all are paying for as well?
Would the world find it acceptable today to ‘Collectively Punish’ Jews and have them pay billions to the relatives of the Russian Christians who were slaughtered at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks? What about ‘Collective Punishment’ and payment for the manipulation in the murder of Christ?
Is there any common sense left in this world? It’s been over 70 years, yet the hell has continued to go with them from Europe to the Middle East… and yet the world continues funding the horrors it claimed to defeat just 3 years before the illegal occupying state was created?

10561785_579254565554874_3867384180428967053_nHow did this psychosis of inherited, generational suffering come to be? Why is it being imposed on the rest of the world to “Never Forget”? Where is the inherited ‘Generational Suffering’ psychosis of the Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Armenians, British Indians, Lithuanians, Croats et al? No, they’re not demanding the world to wallow in generational suffering with them, or fund it. They simply want to make of their future the best of it they can.
There has been two inherited, collective psychosis’ imposed – the ‘Collective Generational Suffering’ of the jews (receiving payment) and ‘Collective Generational Guilt’ of the Germans (paying for it).


12813898_579254812221516_1360321815301167607_nThe ‘Holocaust™’ is an INDUSTRY [TRADE-marked]… make no mistake about it, with more “benefits” for international Jewry than most people could comprehend… and people everywhere have been fed the promotional advertising of this fictional narrative their whole lives, through Jewish owned Holy-wood, media, press and their control of curriculum and His-Story through their text-book industry.FKSUB

If the ethnic Russians owned all the electronic media, educational institutions and print media, I’d imagine we’d all have a bit more knowledge about the Russian Revolution and the Russian genocide at the hands of the Jews.The same would apply to the Ukrainians, the Holodomors would be common knowledge, as would be the expulsion to the Jewish Gulags of the Lithuanians, Estonians, Ukrainians and Latvians… American Indians, British Raj (Indians), Indigenous Australians, American Indians, West Papuans, Armenians, Chinese, Japanese etc etc etc. would surely have a story we’d be familiar with too… The most curious thing about WWII (along with WWI) and the internationally expanding thought-control ‘Denial’ laws is, it is the only period in ‘His-Story’ where the people of the world have been so labotomised to think that the Defeated Germans didn’t have their own side of ‘The-Story’ – to the Victors go the Spoils.
You-Must-Understand-the-Leading-Bolsheviks-Who-Took-Over-Russia-were-Not-RussiansHowever, clearly, there is only one story that is ever pushed around the world, as if nothing has ever happened to anybody else, but one race – the ‘Chosen’ race. It is common in the majority of schools around the world, that children learn of this fact-less His-Story, before they learn anything of their own local culture and histories, if at all. As far as the Jewish establishment is concerned, there is no other story but theirs – well, that is clearly not the case to anyone with an ounce of logic… So, what other history would we learn if the Germans owned all the sources of information? Or should we just be content with only one side of the story and believe it… because dead men can’t speak?

Clearly the people who have been fed this hogwash from birth have compassion for others suffering and shouldn’t be condemned for that.
But these same compassionate people must ask themselves…
Why haven’t they been allowed to have the same compassion for the many millions of persecuted people who suffered torturous deaths at the hands of the Jews?
Where are these peoples history taught in schools, thousands of movies, annual remembrance days, reparation payments and, world wide shrines and museums?
Why doesn’t their suffering matter, like the purported suffering of the Jews matters?
We are told that we must learn of and remember atrocities, in order to never let them happen again… so is it OK if these  atrocities happen again to the Russians, Germans, Armenians, Ukrainians, Indians, Lithuanians, Japanese, Chinese, Papuans, Aboriginals et al – but not to the Jews?

Why aren’t we allowed to remember all the millions of other people,
before we can even DARE to “Never Forget” them?

Now of course there will be many who will claim that these important questions are just Anti-Semitic, as it gets lumped into ‘Hate-Speech’ as it apparently denounces the suffering of the Jews.
Well if anyone wants to respond to these important questions with such ‘Politically Correct’ Slogans, instead of thought and not address the suffering of more than 135 million other people, thereby denouncing them… Their ‘Hate-Speech’ can therefore be categorised as nothing other than…

Benjamin Freedman, Jewish-Catholic Convert
Associate of JFK and attendee at Versailles


See: Schindlers Myth

N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.