UPDATE for Followers of 20th Century Truth

Greetings to all Followers of 20th Century Truth!

This post is to inform all followers that 20th Century Truth and its articles, are being transferred to a new, easier to navigate and aesthetic site called, ‘Historical Tribune’ – The Factual Review.

You will find there, many of the articles from this site which have since been revised and often expanded upon. Many articles that haven’t been transferred yet, will be soon in the future. Additionally, there are many new articles at Historical Tribune that aren’t found on 20th Century Truth, so please peruse the various menu’s.
Once the transfer is finalised, there should be more frequent new articles than there has been recently, as the construction of the new site has consumed much time.

You can Follow Historical Tribune from the side bar on the right of the screen (depending on your device), where there is also a Follow Us On Facebook tab and a list of articles at the bottom.

20th Century Truth will remain active for convenience and familiarity, but will not have many new articles added in the future.
You go directly to Historical Tribune here to Follow, or from the link above.

We look forward to your company and engagement at Historical Tribune.

Thank you for your time, it has been much appreciated.

N. Jones


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