Threats and Intimidation pre-Nuremberg Show Trial

Nuremberg Show Trials

From page 2 (Section 2, a & b) and page 3 of Erhard Milch’s spoken statement, sworn and notarized on 9 April 1947.

General Feldmarschall, Erhard Milch;

“In this connection I would also like to convey the following facts:
On 17 September 1945, Major Emery, an interrogator from England, whom I already knew as he was known in England, or “Englishman”, as he was known in Germany, sought me in my quarters in the Kaufbeuren Interrogation Compound. I suppose that his real name is different. He was, as he had once told me, a New York Banker.
He commanded the American interrogation group to which a Capt. Tracy (I suspect a cover name, most likely) also belonged.
The American interrogation group was located in the English interrogation compound of Camp 7.
Mr. Emery asked me about my ancestry, meaning that if I were of Jewish ancestry, he would be able to remove me from all further prosecution. As I informed him that his supposition was not pertinent, he thought that he could not change things. The same gentleman visited me in Nuremberg on 5 November 1945, as I was just being questioned by an American interrogator.
By chance I heard that it was a Major Mohagan(?). After a short conference, Emery Mohagan(?) asked that we be left alone. Emery then said to me that if I were to make more favorable statements on behalf of Göring, Speer and the other accused in the International Military Tribunal, I must myself reckon with a war crimes trial against me. I replied that I took part in no war crimes and I could not see how I could be tried. Emery answered: “That is a small matter. If we wish, we could try every German, regardless if he committed crimes or not. Why do you want to stand up for Göring, Speer et al.? They would not do it for you, and I shall give you some good advice: It is in your own interests to testify against these people.” I replied that I could only tell the truth and that my person played no role in this matter, and that I did not fear a trial. Emery answered: “You must consider that you are still young, that you can again play a role, and that you must think of your family.”

Naturally I refused his offer, even if it were well-intended. With that he concluded that he could no longer be of any assistance. In this instant I knew that they would attempt to start a war crimes trial against me. I have also brought this matter to the attention of several comrades in Nuremberg as well as in Dachau, and also to the Swiss representative of The International Red Cross in Geneva, at that time.

(signed) Erhard Milch

The above signature of Erhard Milch, given at the Nuremberg Justice Building, before Attorney Dr. Friedrich Bergold, is hereby attested and witnessed by me.
Nuremberg, 9 April 1947
(signed) Dr. Friedrich Bergold
Defence Attorney for Military Tribunal II


The above is an all-important demonstration in how brutal and unjust the Allies and their mostly Jewish trial specialists were in laying trumped up charges against German leaders.

Translated from the German by E. Thomson


Picture: Aerial view of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, where the International Military Tribunal tried 22 leading German officials for war crimes.