How to kill 25 million German civilians legislatively

The British R.A.F. policy to murder a third of Germany’s civilian population and “Break their spirit” – manifested from the ‘Dehousing Paper’

On 30 March 1942 Professor Frederick Lindemann and Baron Cherwell, the British government’s chief scientific adviser, sent to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a memorandum which after it had become accepted by the Cabinet, became known as the ‘Dehousing Paper.’

The paper was delivered during a debate within the British government about the most effective use of the nation’s resources in waging war on Germany. Should the Royal Air Force (RAF) be reduced to allow more resources to go to the British Army and Royal Navy, or should the strategic bombing option be expanded to civilian targets?

The paper argued that the demolition of people’s houses (containing mostly women and children, as men were absent on military duties) was the most effective way to affect the German morale, even more effectively than killing their relatives.
Given the known limits of the RAF in locating targets in Germany at the time and providing that the planned resources were made available to the RAF in the near future, destroying about thirty percent of the “Housing Stock” of Germany’s fifty-eight largest towns was considered the most effective use of the aircraft of RAF Bomber Command, because it would “Break the spirit of the Germans.”
After a heated debate by the government’s military and scientific advisers, the Cabinet voted for the “Expanded” strategic bombing campaign, over the other options available to them… in complete violation of all International Humanitarian Laws, Laws of War and the Geneva Conventions – essentially, voted to approve of committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Since November 1941 the RAF had been husbanding its resources and awaiting the introduction of large numbers of four-engined “heavy” bombers and the GEE radio-navigational device into front-line service.
Bombing policy had, in actuality, already moved away from attempts at precision bombing.

The paper was produced by Cherwell and the information was given by the researchers in response to questions posed by Cherwell.

“The following seems a simple method of estimating what we could do by bombing Germany.

We know from our experience that we can count on nearly fourteen operational sorties per bomber produced. The average lift of the bombers we are going to produce over the next fifteen months will be about 3 tons. It follows that each of these bombers will in its life-time drop about 40 tons of bombs. If these are dropped on built-up areas they will make 4000–8000 people homeless.

In 1938 over 22 million Germans lived in fifty-eight towns of over 100,000 inhabitants, which, with modern equipment, should be easy to find and hit. Our forecast output of heavy bombers (including Wellingtons) between now and the middle of 1943 is about 10,000. If even half the total load of 10,000 bombers were dropped on the built-up areas of these fifty-eight German towns, the great majority of their inhabitants (about one-third of the German population) would be turned out of house and home… [that’s a polite way of saying, mass murder, terrorism or genocide]

Investigation seems to show that having one’s home demolished is most damaging to morale. People seem to mind it more than having their friends or even relatives killed. At Hull signs of strain were evident, though only one-tenth of the houses were demolished. On the above figures we should be able to do ten times as much harm to each of the fifty-eight principal German towns. There seems little doubt that this would break the spirit of the people.

Our calculation assumes, of course, that we really get one-half of our bombs into built-up areas. On the other hand, no account is taken of the large promised American production (6,000 heavy bombers in the period in question). Nor has regard been paid to the inevitable damage to factories, communications, etc, in these towns and the damage by fire, probably accentuated by breakdown of public services.”

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Featured picture above:
German victims of the February 1945 genocidal attack on Dresden – often claimed as Jewish victims by “German Atrocities”

ChurchillStated in British Parliament 1943

Pictures: “Housing Stock” turned “Out of House and Home” – essentially, “Dehoused”


Scorched bodies

Holocaust (fm, Greek – Holos-Kaustos) = Whole Burned

Fire from the skies

Molten cars and bodies
What appears to be logs of wood, use to be living breathing people – who were Holocausted

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Declassified documents confirm the horror of this policy and that Winston Churchill finds this kind of wanton destruction and terror “Impressive”see here

Watch ‘Hellstorm’ – the documentary film exposing the real genocide of WWII Germany

In a BBC interview, allied witness and British POW, Victor Gregg, confirms the genocidal Western policy as “Pure Evil” – 70 years after he survived the unnecessary Holocaust of Dresden in February, 1945… at wars end, when German defeat was clearly evident and All-lied victory was already in sight.

“The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination.”
~ ‘The Jewish newspaper, ‘Central Blad Voor Israeliten’ in Nederlands (13 September 1939)