Livor Mortis: Holocaust Testimonies Conflict With Scientific Facts and Photographic Evidence

What is Livor Mortis?

A body killed by inhaling hydrogen cyanide dies through oxygen-denial. As cyanide blocks the body’s oxygen-metabolism, it can’t pass from blood into the body tissues and in the death-struggle, the body will end up bright pink… however, no-one ever heard of or saw a bright pink corpse in any WWII camp in Europe?

Two gases were purportedly used to murder millions of Jews (and others who apparently aren’t worthy of “Never Forget”), so the official story has been telling us… by cyanide and carbon monoxide.

The ‘Holocaust Industry’ claims that one third of the ‘Holocaust Victims’ were killed by gassing with carbon monoxide using Diesel exhaust fumes and, the other two-thirds being gassed by cyanide (or Pussic Acid). The latter was said to occur in long, cold concrete rooms, with holes in the ceiling to throw the salts through to the unsuspecting herd below. However, these cold rooms could not reach the required temperature of 27 degrees to be able to turn the salts into gas. The former was said to occur in traveling, mobile gas-vans, however, the fumes of diesel exhaust contains approximately 30 times less carbon monoxide than that of gasoline exhaust… There is of course, no evidence or photographs available for these alleged mobile death-vans.

Livor MortisIt just so happens that death by carbon monoxide also leaves a bright pink body. Like cyanide gas, it kills by denying oxygen to the body – but does so differently, by forming carboxyhaemoglobin in the blood, disabling the bloods capacity to carry oxygen any longer, so the blood pools in unobstructed recesses on the surface of the skin… this is known as ‘Livor Mortis’.

So the two main gases allegedly used by the Germans to mass murder Jews, both leave bright pink bodies.
It would appear that no-one was aware of this little-known fact at the time of the Nuremberg Trials.


Witness Testimonies

Since the Jewish Bolsheviks (War Criminals, proven to be guilty of the Katyn Forest Massacre – amongst others – which they blamed on Germans who innocently hung for their crime), had no forensic evidence or documents to prove such gassings, the courtroom testimony of “eyewitnesses” was pivotal to the Exterminationists Charges.

The Statement of Kurt Gerstein, has been a key document for such claims. Gerstein had supposedly witnessed diesel exhaust gassings of Jews with a stopwatch in his hand (death was purportedly achieved in 20 minutes). He claimed that after the gassing “the bodies were tossed out, blue, wet with sweat and urine….
Nearly all of the other self-styled “witnesses” to such gassings, also claimed later, that the corpses were also “blue” or “bluish.” But Diesel gassings in half-an-hour are practically impossible as is clear now from Flanagans’ evidence.

Dario Gabbai, “…some of them were black and blue from the gas” (at 1:55 mins Shoah Foundation video) Gabbai also states this in Laurence Rees’ 2005 BBC program on Auschwitz, in episode 4.

Ya’akov Silberberg:
Q:   When you took out the bodies, were they warm or cold?
A:   “Warm. They were blue, black, and swollen. What I saw in the gas chamber was ghastly, a horrible scene…”

Walter Petzold: “The nature of the corpses, on account of the terrible effect of the poison gas, was such that one could see only blue-black, bloated, and mushy flesh that had once belonged to human beings…”

Stangl allegedly saw at Treblinka, “the pits full of black-blue corpses” – Wiki, Treblinka
“Their faces were blue, almost purplish” – at Auschwitz, a recollection of mass gassing of Russian Prisoners of War in September 1941.

Yankel (Jankiel, Yankiel) Wiernik “There was no longer any beauty or ugliness, for they all were yellow from the gas.”

Filip Müller: “Many had turned blue, and many faces were disfigured almost beyond recognition from blows” – Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers, 1979, published by Ivan R Dee, Inc , 1999, p. 117

Daniel Bennahmias: “When the door finally was opened, the Sonderkommando was assaulted by an overhelming stench and the ghastly sight of putrid flesh. The bodies had turned blue and were bloated to double and treble their normal size, and Danny was among those who had to extricate them.” Rebecca Camhi Fromer, The Holocaust Odyssey of Daniel Bennahmias, Sonderkommando. The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 1993, p. 53.

Polish officer who was sent to Treblinka with his Jewish wife on September 6, 1942, but escaped (another miraculous escape story I’m sure), in a report sent to the Polish government-in-exile, in London on March 31, 1943: “I do not know what kind of gas is used, but I know from a colleague [hearsay] who worked three weeks in ‘Treblinka II’ that the corpses have a bluish color.” Mattogno/Graf Treblinka.

The greatest of all Urban Legends are born from hearsay and rumour.

These are just a few examples… but why did they all ‘later’ come up with the mostly “blue or bluish” colour as to what they’d purportedly witnessed? The Prussian Blue pigment was seen on the walls of the old delousing rooms, conveniently written out of ‘Official’ his-story.

One would have to consider that out of the thousands of miraculous ‘Survivor’ stories and the purported ‘Millions’ of corpses claimed, a recollection of an extremely striking pink/cherry body would have been seen by somebody? Anybody?
In any event, whether you want to opt for blue, cherry red or even yellow… There is not one photograph showing a single corpse displaying any of the colours or shades claimed and more importantly, not claimed… neither were any of them bloated.
What you will see is photograph after photograph of uniformly pale white and emaciated corpses, who succumbed to war-time conditions (as a result pivotal on the barbarous aerial campaign of the allies destruction of civilian populations throughout Europe), such as starvation and Epidemic Typhus – better-known as [according to Wikipedia], ‘Camp Fever’ or ‘War Fever’.


In a petroleum-starved 3rd Reich which did not produce any oil of its own, in a country which made more ME 262s than could be supplied jet fuel to fly them, why would that country waste diesel or gasoline, in what is suggested as a vast relocation operation to transport masses of people internationally to specific facilities, in order to undertake the supposed preferred method of murder, which would then oblige the alleged murderers to apparently hide any evidence of masses of corpse’ by burning them with wood and fuel they did not have enough of to achieve the purported task… All while a bullet cost around 1 cent (US) at the time, which could have left bodies randomly around Europe, unable to be charged as under German control, such as the workers camps would?…. not forgetting that at the same time, they were being attacked by world super-powers from every direction but down… did they not have other priorities? In the midst of the worlds biggest blood-bath set on destroying Germany and Germans completely, were the Germans that stupid?

The imposed idea of mass killing with either diesel or the varying types of gas claimed, is nothing but ridiculous and absent of any evidence… especially absent of logic.

There does seem to have been much evidence available during the great Nuremberg Trials, apparently though, it was not taken into consideration.

  • The Allied Committee of Inquiry: “No Poison Gas Was Ever Used…Witnesses Have Lied” – HERE
  • Allied Forensic Autopsies Confirm: “Never Was a Case of Poison Gas Uncovered” people succumbed to Disease – HERE
  • The International Red Cross Records: Disease Confirmed, as well as how many perished and the various nationalities and religious denominations – HERE
  • Scientific analysis of Prussian Blue and the Delousing Rooms – HERE

What would be logical however, if you were actually inclined to mass murder people by gas, as in Auschwitz for instance, is to utilise the inexhaustible quantities of numerous other, more efficient and cheaper gas and chemical products, that were available just around the corner at the I.G. Farben industrial complex where the internees were set to work… With all of Germany’s world renowned meticulous efficiency, organisation and ingenuity skills, we are told that Germans selected a ‘Vermin Control’ product manufactured in a factory near Berlin, a product which was in short supply and always expensive due to its demand and qualites and, in no way suited to the quick, efficient gassing of human beings
The Zyklon B ‘Vermin Control’ agent was in such short supply that the factory could not even fill the required production quotas assigned them by just the Wehrmacht. It was urgently needed on all fronts to prevent and control the epidemics that were taking its toll on their defences… but I guess the Reich must have forgotten what was available to them at their all too pivotal industrial complex?



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