National Socialist-Zionist Merger Myth


The purported Merger/Collaboration between ‘Nazi’s and Zionists” which has left several generations of Half-Truthers reveling in the juiciest of conspiracies they believe they have uncovered… That Hitler worked to establish the State of Israel in 1948, 3 years after his death.

Firstly, there was never any such organisation or party called ‘Nazi’s’ so the ridiculous claim of the etymological word play of Na-Zi (‘Na’ = National Socialists and ‘Zi’ = Zionists) is a conspiratorial impossibility, even peddled by the likes of Eustace Mullins.
See here for the explanation:
‘Nazi’s Never Existed’

Secondly, the above image depicting a medallion (many claim it was a coin, but it wasn’t), which did actually exist, is not the smoking gun for party merger it is claimed to be, but I think there is an an untold story here which may have even escaped the eyes of most “Revisionist” historian’s.
Look at the known facts and judge for yourself.

SS Officer Leopold von Mildenstein was influencing National Socialist policy towards the Jews and the NS Newspaer in Berlin ‘Der Angriff’ had this medal struck to commemorate his voyage to Palestine, depicting the ‘Hakenkreuz’ (what most falsely call a swastika) on one side and the Jewish Star on the other.

‘History Today’ in the U.K. used this motif to publicise its January 1980 issue featuring an article by Jacob Boas. The article brought howls of outrage from Zionist students and others, convinced that it was their duty to protect Zionism from any suggestion that its leaders ever “collaborated with Nazis” and to denounce the magazine’s supposed motives. The article however, was based on the facts.

Wikipedia states:
“Between 9 September and 9 October 1934 the National Socialist Party Berlin newspaper Der Angriff, founded and controlled by Joseph Goebbels, published a series of twelve pro-Zionist articles by Mildenstein under the title A National Socialist Goes to Palestine. In honour of his visit, the newspaper issued a commemorative medal, with the swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other.”

In the summer of 1935, then holding the rank of SS-Untersturmfuhrer, Mildenstein attended the 19th Congress of the Zionist Organization in Lucerne, Switzerland, as an observer attached to the German Jewish delegation. Mildenstein’s apparently less extreme anti-Jewish line was overtaken by events, and after a dispute with Reinhard Heydrich in 1936 he was removed from his post and transferred to the Foreign Ministry’s press department. He had fallen out of favour because migration to Palestine was not proceeding at a fast enough rate. His departure from the SD also saw a shift in SS policy, marked by the publication of a pamphlet “warning of the dangers of a strong Jewish state in the Middle East,” written by another ‘expert’ on Jewish matters who had been invited to join Section II/112 by Mildenstein himself, Eichmann. Mildenstein was replaced as the head of his former Section by Kuno Schroeder. Later, in December 1939, Eichmann was made head of the Jewish Department Referat IV B4 of the RSHA, of which the SD became a part in September, 1939.

As Germany moved into the Second World War, Mildenstein continued to write propaganda articles and books. After the war, his ‘Around the Burning Land of the Jordan’ (1938) and ‘The Middle East Seen from the Roadside’ (1941), were placed on the list of proscribed literature in the Soviet occupation zone and later in the German Democratic Republic.

Like the Haavara Agreement, Mildenstein’s 1933 visit to Palestine and the medal to commemorate it were later sometimes used by anti-Israel authors to argue that there was a relationship between National socialism and Zionism.

Most historians seem to concur. But there are a number of things to suggest that the former SS Officer Leopold von Mildenstein, was really a double agent. He selected and groomed Eichmann, who eventually later replaced Mildenstein. He wasn’t tried after the war as were his colleagues. Eichmann fled to South America, but was later captured and tried by the Israelis and then hanged. Mildenstein, however, went on to lead a good life in West Germany, and even became a member of the FPD and was even elected to the Bundestag! In 1954 he visited the USA. He obtained a visa at the request the FRG (occupational) government of West Germany.

He was later described using the respectable term “Journalist,” whereas, previously under the National Socialists, he was described as a “Propagandist.” In the 1960s he worked for Coca-Cola in their PR Department, but then went on to work for “Voice of the Arabs” radio in Cairo, Egypt. When Eichmann was arrested and put on trial, he dropped the name of Mildenstein on the public record during the trial. That caused Mildenstein to claim immunity from prosecution by proclaiming that he was, or had been in an operational relationship with the CIA, and as such, he got immunity! Therefore, his work at the Egyptian radio station was likely a cover for intelligence related work in the Middle-East. But how does one go from being an SS-Zionist supporter to being a voice or writer for a Pro-Arab and Pan-Arabist radio station, or to a high position in the German Occupational Government ? CIA? Mossad?

As to the series of 12 articles he wrote and which were published in 1934 in “Der Angriff” which the medallion commemorated, the first article was published on 9/11 (1934). Hmmm.

So, now this medallion is out there and everyone claims it was Goebbels work. Goebbels had indeed started the magazine in 1926, but by 1934, it was no longer well supported or needed by the NSDAP.
Goebbels himself, was now in government as a Minister with many responsibilities, including overseeing some 120 daily and weekly magazines across Germany. ‘Der Angriff’ was no longer his baby in Berlin. There were a series of ‘Editors in Chief’ which succeeded Goebbels in that position. So it is quite a stretch to claim that it was the work of Goebbels and that he approved of it.

As to Mildenstein, after outing himself as a CIA operative, he dropped out of sight in 1964. It is said by Wikipedia that he died in 1968, but there is no mention of where or how he died. What is Mildestein’s lasting legacy? It is that image of the purported ‘Nazi-Zionist’ medallion for which Goebbels’ name is now permanently linked to that infamous, nasty, pejorative term ‘Nazi’ to provide credibility for it amongst the gullible.
Moreover, it is grist for the mill for all those who push the notion that the actions of Israelis against the Palestinians today are synonymous with ‘National Socialists’ – not to mention the ludicrous conspiracy theories, that “Hitler was a Jew” or “Hitler was a Rothschild” and all such nonsense which is easily debunked.

Clear your mind of the Co-intel (in the same way as ‘6million gassing’ stories) and all the confusing conspiracies which are designed to keep us paralised and divided, by thinking everything is an elaborate, monstrous scheme… it is much more black and white than that.



N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.

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